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    Research chemicals (chemical reagents) are chemical substances that are used by scientists (both for medical and scientific purposes). They should be used only in the research laboratory. Research due to the specificity of the substance should not concern neither humans nor animals. Chemical research reagents in laboratory conditions are used primarily for synthesis and chemical analysis. Chemical research chemicals are legal substances for laboratory testing. In addition, they are widely used in the production of various types of cleaning agents. Additional applications include, among others, the production of insecticides and water softeners. We sell wholesale and retail. We will answer any questions regarding the composition of the substance. In our store you will find resources for laboratory use. Their use for any purpose other than the research aspect can be dangerous. We give you a guarantee of safe shopping. The constantly expanding circle of our trusted clients gives us the opportunity to become a leader on the market of chemical reagents. Enjoy your shopping.

  2. 3-fluorophenyl says:

    2- (3-fluorophenyl) -3-methylmorpholine, monohydrochloride
    Formula C24H32N2
    CAS: 1803562-83-5

    The offered reagent is in the form of a compact crystal with a purity of 98%. This product is intended for laboratory use only. The physiological and toxicological properties of this reagent are unknown.

    The product is absolutely unfit for human consumption.

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