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  1. Most Popular Psychedelic Drugs says:

    From attempts to see with the third eye to clandestine government operations, Americans have been fascinated by the confounding effects of psychedelic drugs. Despite thousands of scientific papers that have been written about many of the substances in the list below, we still don’t know everything there is to know about hallucinogenic drugs. Part of that is because we still have a lot to learn about the human brain.

    Psychedelic drugs are a subcategory of hallucinogens and can be classified into three main categories:

    Serotonergic (classical psychedelic drugs) – these are usually what the layman (or woman) thinks of when they conjure up an idea of psychedelic drugs. LSD, DMT, and mescaline all fall into this category. Using these drugs will cause drastic changes in your sensory perception including visual and audible hallucinations.
    Empathogens – these drugs affect the neurons that release serotonin, giving the user the feeling of euphoria, love, and increased attentiveness and awareness. A typical high from one of these psychedelics usually involves relatively mild changes to perception such as audio and visual stimuli.
    Dissociatives – the two key things that dissociatives do is create a sense of depersonalization and derealization. Users tend to feel a disconnect from the world, their surroundings, and even their own bodies.

    Psychedelics aren’t often chemically addictive, and some have even been studied as possible aids in addiction treatment. Addiction is often caused by direct alteration of brain chemistry, and psychedelics often have a low impact on brain chemistry, except for indirect influences. However, they do have a high risk of abuse, and some can cause lasting psychological problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Some substances can cause psychological addiction when a person becomes emotionally dependent on the drug. And other synthetic psychedelics are believed to be habit forming.

    Keep reading to learn about the most popular psychedelic drugs and how they affect your body and brain.
    Top Psychedelic Drugs
    #1 – LSD

    Lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as acid or LSD, is possibly the most well known psychedelic drug. Popularized by the 1960s counterculture, LSD made its way into pop culture with public figures like the Beatles admitting to using it. The chemical was also the subject of a wide range scientific study throughout the 20th century, including the CIA’s illegal and controversial Project MKUltra.

    LSD alters awareness and perceptions and may also cause hallucinations. It is not chemically addictive but can cause some negative effects like anxiety and paranoia. Some research shows an increased likelihood of developing psychological disorders like schizophrenia in adults with other risk factors.
    #2 – Psilocybin Mushroomspsychedelic drugs mushrooms

    Psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, a group of fungi that have been used since prehistoric times as an entheogen and hallucinogenic drug. The substance psilocybin is found in a variety of genera, with over 100 species in the genus Psilocybin, though the mushrooms of that genus usually don’t produce hallucinations.

    Psilocybin causes an increase in empathy, euphoria, and altered thinking. In some species, it can cause open and closed eye visuals.

    Though they aren’t chemically addictive and they don’t represent a significant health threat, they are hard to distinguish from deadly mushrooms. Toxic species like Death Caps can look identical to some species of psilocybin and grow in the same places.
    #3 – DMT/ Ayahuasca

    N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT, was popularized by two researchers in the late 20th century. Scientist Rick Strassman studied it extensively in the 1990s and gave it the nickname “the Spirit Molecule.” Terence Mckenna, an ethnobotanist, studied and described the effects of the DMT in detail.

    DMT has been used for possibly thousands of years by Amazonian tribes that activate DMT innately in rainforest plants by brewing it in tea, called ayahuasca with MAOIs (which is necessary to make it active when ingested).

    The substance may be among the most powerful psychedelic drugs on earth, with potential for powerful visual hallucinations. There is little evidence to suggest that it could cause chemical dependence or medical complications. However, there is a chance for psychological issues developing from bad trips.
    #4 – Mescaline/ Peyote

    Mescaline is a psychedelic alkaloid that’s found in a number of southwestern cacti like peyote, the San Pedro cactus, and the Peruvian torch. Peyote is popularly used by Native American shaman in religious ceremonies. The drug is illegal in the US but special exceptions are made for groups that use it for religious purposes.

    Mescaline causes color enhancements, euphoria, and an increase in introspection. Users often report having personally epiphanies on while on the drug. When ingested, the peyote cactus is bitter and can commonly cause nausea and vomiting. Mescaline, like other psychedelic drugs, has a potential for psychological addiction. However, it isn’t chemically addictive and has a very low physical risk for healthy users.
    #5 – MDMA

    3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, better known as MDMA, ecstasy, or molly is an entactogen which is a class of drugs that produce a feeling of communion or oneness with others. Unlike the rest of the top five psychedelic drugs, MDMA is most often used as a party drug. Other hallucinogens require careful attention to “set and setting,” the user’s mindset and the place they are using. In loud, crowded settings, users increase their likelihood of a bad trip.

    MDMA’s effects; however, have a larger emphasis on increased empathy and emotional connection. It also elevates mood and sometimes facilitates a mental and physical euphoria. In some users, MDMA can create mild hallucinations like color changes or heightened audio effects.

    MDMA causes dehydration and raises your body temperature which means users are required to drink water consistently while high. MDMA has been recorded leading to fatal medical complications due to hyperthermia and dehydration, especially when combined with alcohol.
    #6 – 25I-NBOMe/ N-Bomb

    25I-NBOMe, better known as N-Bomb or simply 25I, is a synthetic designer drug that is used for neurochemistry and brain mapping. It’s also a potent psychedelic hallucinogen. Like its cousins in the 2C family of synthetic drugs, 25I is used recreationally for its similarity to MDMA. It causes an increase in empathy and affection as well as visual hallucinations. It may also cause extreme anxiety or a feeling of doom.

    Unlike the 2C family and MDMA, 25I is fatal at high doses. An effective dose is less than a milligram, while similar synthetic hallucinogens require anywhere between 3 to 10 mg. There have been several recorded instances of overdose caused by mistaken identity.

    psychedelic drugs trip
    #7 – Salvia

    Salvinorin A, or salvia, is a psychoactive drug that comes from the Salvia divinorum, a plant that’s native to the high mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. Salvia is unique in its chemical structure when compared to other naturally occurring psychedelics. Unlike other psychedelic drugs, it’s not an alkaloid, but rather, a terpenoid, which is a broad category of organic chemicals.

    Saliva is a dissociative which is a class of psychoactive drugs that distorts sight and sound which makes users feel detached from the world around them or even from themselves. Hallucinogenic effects can cause trance-like-states, anxiety, and dysphoria.

    Salvinorin A is federally legal in the US, but some states like Florida consider it a controlled substance.
    #8 – PCP

    Phencyclidine, or PCP, is a synthetic drug that also causes dissociative hallucinations. PCP was originally synthesized as an anesthetic for medical use. Because of its side effects, which can include mania, delirium, and disorientation, use in humans was discontinued in the 1950s.

    Unlike other psychedelic drugs, PCP is considered to be moderately addictive, and there is some threat of developing psychological issues.
    #9 – Ketamine

    Ketamine is a precursor to PCP and was synthesized for the same purpose, as an anesthetic for use in surgeries. It can cause sedation and memory loss as a side effect and was later restricted to veterinary use. Its recreational drug it causes similar effects to PCP and it, too, has a low to moderate addiction potential.
    #10 – DXM

    Dextromethorphan, or DXM, is the one drug on this list that the most people have tried without knowing it. DXM is a common active ingredient in a cough suppressing medicines like Vicks, NyQuil, Robitussin, and many others. At high doses, it can cause dissociative hallucinogenic effects like PCP or ketamine. However, it is less likely to cause addiction or dependence.
    #11 – GHB

    Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, or GHB, is a psychoactive drug that naturally occurs in the brain as a neurotransmitter. It has been used medically as an anesthetic and for treatment of narcolepsy. When used recreationally, users report effects similar to alcohol or MDMA and, like MDMA, it is often used in clubs and at raves. In rat studies, GHB has shown to be habit forming, and some users report feeling withdrawal symptoms after stopping use.
    #12 – 2C Family

    The 2C family is a group of synthetic psychedelics used as designer drugs and MDMA analogs. They were first synthesized by chemist Alexander Shulgin in the 1970s. Since then they have been used to circumvent legal bans on MDMA. Many members of the group, like 2C-I and 2C-B cause stimulation, euphoria, increased heart rate, color enhancement, and hallucinations. Different members of the 2C family have different effective doses, and they can be hard to tell apart. This can lead to overdose in cases of mistaken identity.

    Marijuana does not make the top 12 despite the fact that it is widely used and some psychologists consider it as a psychedelic drug. However, the number one defining attribute is that a psychedelic’s primary action is to alter cognition or perception. While marijuana may do this in some situations, it is primarily used for mood-heightening and relaxing effects.

    Another psychedelic that’s growing in popularity is ibogaine, a substance found in plants that are native to West Africa and used in tribal rituals. It hasn’t reached a high level of recreational use compared to some of the drugs on the list. However, it is being studied as an experimental addiction treatment drug in some countries. Though it has shown some potentially dangerous effects on the heart.
    Need Help From Addiction? Ocean Breeze Recovery Can Help

    If you are struggling addiction or drug abuse of any kind, you are not alone. Psychedelic drugs are often used alongside more dangerous substances with serious side effects and withdrawal symptoms. If you or someone you know could use help battling the disease of addiction, call Ocean Breeze Recovery at 855-960-5341 anytime to speak with our dedicated addiction professionals and to learn more about starting the road to recovery.

  2. Psychedelic Research Chemicals says:

    Best price: I’m not sure. Most of the 4-xx-tryptamines are like $3-5/trip excluding cost of shipping. Allylescaline is kinda cheap since it lasts like 12 hours and you only need ~70mg/dose. Methallylescaline lasts even longer and is about the same price.

    Best trip: Hard to say. I really like 4-HO-DET, 4-HO-MET, 4-AcO-DMT and methallylescaline. I generally prefer psychedelics that are more clearheaded, stimulating and highly visual.

    Most chaotic: 4-HO-MiPT. This is a fucking weird one. Its like shrooms with more mindfuck, more visuals and just an extremely bizarre feeling to it. I don’t really think its that much fun, but its worth trying.

    Most blissful: i’m not really sure, level of bliss is highly situationally dependent and varies from trip to trip. Allylescaline is probably the most “fun” of the psychedelics i’ve tried, but its not really fully psychedelic. Its kinda like a weird mix of amphetamine, MDMA and a weak psychedelic.

    Most enlightening: For me this has been 4-HO-DET, but that’s because i’ve done it so many times. I think more clearheaded psychedelics are generally better for enlightenment than ones with more powerful mindfucks. You need to be able to think rationally and clearly to have meaningful realizations, so you really need a psychedelic that leaves your faculties intact.

    Worst Substance: I liked 4-HO-MiPT the least, but i don’t think its a bad drug, just really bizarre and kind of unnerving.

    Worst bodyload: If HBWR seeds count as RCs than LSA for sure by a fucking mile. Otherwise, methallylescaline sometimes makes me throw up like mescaline and puking while tripping is never fun, so that’s my 2nd choice.

    Most MDMA like: I guess allylescaline, but its really not that much like MDMA

    Most LSD like: LSA, i haven’t tried any ergolines other than LSD and LSA.

    Most psilocybin like: Definitely 4-AcO-DMT. Its a better version of psilocin imo. More colorful, more visual, more euphoric, very similar in all other ways.

    Most casual: 4-HO-DET is very casual. Its all stimulation and visuals, nice euphoria, mild headspace. I used to take it and go hiking/rock climbing. You can do anything on this drug that you could do sober once you’re used to it. On 45mg, i convinced a park ranger to let me into the ranger station so i could fill up my water bottle from the sink. He was hesitant at first, but i was persuasive and he eventually let me in the station.

    Most underrated: 4-HO-DET. I swear i never see it get any love from anyone but me. Its seriously my favorite.

    Most overrated: 4-HO-MET imo. Don’t get me wrong, its a very nice psychedelic. Its a very well balanced tryptamine. A little stimulating, highly visual, moderate mindfuck. Thing is, its a very middle of the line tryptamine. Its in between the really mindfucky ones like psilocin, 4-aco-dmt, and 4-ho-mipt and the more “party” drug like 4-ho-det. Don’t get me wrong, i understand why people like it, but imo, i’d rather have 4-aco-dmt if i wanted something mindfucky or 4-ho-det if i wanted something stimulating and visual. It exists in an unnecessary middle ground that i don’t really care for that much. I just think it gets more love than it deserves here, not that its a bad drug at all.

    Shortest substance: All the 4-xx-tryptamines are shroom length in duration, that’s pretty short.

    Longest: methallylescaline. Shit lasts like 18 hours.

    Favorite from each group: 4-HO-DET, methallyescaline.

  3. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds says:

    Argyreia Nervosa are commonly known as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds Elephant Creeper & Wooly Morning Glory and are a part of the convolvulaceae family. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a perennial climbing vine with large heart shaped leaves, the trumpet-shaped flowers can vary in colour from white to shades of pink. Its large furry seeds grow in seedpods and contain the psychedelic LSA.

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds is not for human consumption.

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  4. DOC POWDER says:

    2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine (DOC) – is a psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine, and amphetamine chemical classes. It was presumably first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin, and was described in his book Pihkal (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved)

    Doc,is a substituted alpha-methylated phenethylamine, a class of compounds commonly known as amphetamines. The phenethylamine equivalent (lacking the alpha-methyl group) is 2c-c. Doc has a stereo-center and r-(-)-doc is the more active stereoisomer.

    Doc, is in our advanced section of research chemicals for very good reasons, the average experiment of doc ranges from 0.5–7.0 mg the former producing threshold effects, and the latter producing extremely strong effects. The onset of the substance is 1–3 hours, after effects can last well into the next day

    Unlike simple amphetamines, Doc is considered a research chemical that influences cognitive and perception processes of the brain. The strongest supposed effects include open and closed eye visuals, increased awareness of sound and movement, and euphoria. In the autobiography pihkal, Alexander Shulgin refers to Doc as an “archetypal psychedelic” its presumed full-range visual, audio, physical, and mental effects show exhilarating clarity, and some overwhelming, humbling, and “composting”/interweaving effects.

    As with all our chemicals this is not tested and therefore not sold for human consumption. Only very experienced researchers should purchase this chemical and 0.001g scales are a must.

    Must be over 18 to purchase.

    DOC POWDER can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that DOC POWDER is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    DOC POWDER is not for human consumption.

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  5. BK-EBDP (Wholesale) says:

    BK-EBDP or Ephylone, as it’s more commonly known, but also known as bk-Ethyl-K, is an exciting new research chemical that we now offer on wholesale supply.

    Ephylone is of the phenethylamine chemical class and considered a substitued Cathinone. Ephylone produces similar results to Ethylone and it can be expected to produce entactogenic, psychedelic and stimulant results.

    Cemical Data:

    CAS No: N/A
    Molecular Mass: 249.31
    Molecular Formula: C14H19NO3
    BK-EBDP (Wholesale) can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that BK-EBDP (Wholesale) is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    BK-EBDP (Wholesale) is not for human consumption.

    Why Buy BK-EBDP (Wholesale) From Us?
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  6. BK-EBDP says:

    BK-EBDP or Ephylone, as it’s more commonly known, but also known as bk-Ethyl-K, is an exciting new research chemical that we now offer on wholesale supply.

    Ephylone is of the phenethylamine chemical class and considered a substitued Cathinone. Ephylone produces similar results to Ethylone and it can be expected to produce entactogenic, psychedelic and stimulant results.

    Cemical Data:

    CAS No: N/A
    Molecular Mass: 249.31
    Molecular Formula: C14H19NO3
    BK-EBDP can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that BK-EBDP is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    BK-EBDP is not for human consumption.

    Why Buy BK-EBDP From Us?
    We are a long established and trusted supplier of Research Chemicals
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  7. 5-Meo-DIBF Pellets says:

    5-MeO-DIBF or 2-(5-Methoxy-1-benzofuran-3-yl)-N,N-diisopropyllethanamine in 50mg Pellets!

    This is an entirely new research chemical that it is related structurally to the psychedelic typtamine derivative of 5-MeO-DIPT. Because this chemical is so new to the Research Chemical scene, very little has been reported however it is suggested that this may act as an agonist for the HT1A and 5-HT2 family of serotonin receptors.

    Systematic (IUPAC) name
    You must be over 18 to purchase.

    This product is sold only for research uses in laboratory settings. Those who work with it are advised to wear the appropriate safety equipment and follow standard safety protocols while handling it.

    Strictly not for human consumption – if consumed seek immediate medical assistance.

    Please check the laws in your area of the world before buying from us. We will only ship this product if it is legal in your area.

    5-Meo-DIBF Pellets can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that 5-Meo-DIBF Pellets is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    5-Meo-DIBF Pellets is not for human consumption.

  8. 5-APB Powder says:

    We have combined 5-APB benzofury with hydrochloride, making it perfect for a variety of research purposes.

    Its molecular formula is C11H13NO HCl, and it also goes by the name of 5-(2-amino-propyl)benzofuran.

    There is still a lot to learn about benzofury, and how it interacts with hydrochloride, but we do know that it affects the neuro-receptors in the brain, possibly acting as a stimulant.

    Other effects of this chemical appear to be psychedelic and empathogenic in nature.

    One should note though that the psychedelic effects caused by 5-APB are not as strong as similar effects caused by compounds with a similar structure.

    This product is intended only for forensic or research purposes, and researchers should take all of the necessary precautions to prevent this chemical from coming into contact with their skin or eyes.

    We offer this product in quantities of 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, 25 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams.
    IUPAC: 5-(2-Aminopropyl)benzofuran
    CAS#: 286834-81-9
    Molecular Mass: 175.23 g/mol
    Molecular Formula: C11H13NO

    5-APB Powder can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that 5-APB Powder is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    5-APB Powder is not for human consumption.

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  9. NeiL Haze says:

    This cross, from two proud American parents, is probably the finest hybrid ever created!
    Neil Haze captivates with the outstanding yields and shiny resin of her father, and the psychedelic euphoria of her mother, a hit you cannot ignore!
    Flowering begins early and takes the slow road to a spectacular finale. The process is long but her heady taste of herbs and sweet lemon will bliss you out, her smell will intoxicate, and her effects will blow your mind.
    A highly resistant plant, you hold in your hands a great plant of prolific shoots and long branches, slender yet solid like a queen of rock.
    But never forget that her blessed femininity demands a flowering period lengthy enough to try your patience.

    This plant is only suitable for experts and recommended for warm or tropical climates.

    Type: Regular

    Genetic: NL#5 x Haze

    Percentage Indica/Sativa: 30/70


    Alta productividad
    Resistente a plagas


    Flowering cycle: 63-77 days
    Production: 500 gr/m2

    Harvest: end October
    Average height: 200 cm
    Production: 750 gr/plant

    NeiL Haze can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that NeiL Haze is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    NeiL Haze is not for human consumption.

    Why Buy NeiL Haze From Us?

  10. Gypsy Kush says:

    gypsy Kush is a characteristically stable variety, and if you grow a few seeds at the same time, you will see that they look like clones. One of its genetic parents is the famous Afghan, a big producer of compact flowers and abundant harvests.

    It should be emphasized that Gypsy Kush is a strong and tough plant. Easy to grow, it endures all sorts of plagues and cultivation systems, optimizing its potential if you keep the EC under 2.2 during the flowering period. It has a classic structure with a fir-type shape. Outdoors, lower branches reach a considerable size and produce a great amount of flowers, developing compact and resinous buds. The effect is mostly relaxing, although it also causes short euphoric moments, resulting in instants of ‘hysterical laughter’. Gypsy Kush´s levels of THC are pretty high too and can lead to psychedelic effects.

    Type: Feminized

    Genetic: Black Domina x Afghan x Ginger Ale

    Percentage Indica/Sativa: 60/40

    Effect: Relaxing

    Features: High productivity and Resistant to plagues

    Smell/Taste: Spiced

    Indoor Flowering cycle: 60 days
    Yield: 500 gr/m2

    Outdoor Harvest: early October
    Average height: 200 cm
    Yield: 650 gr/plant

    Gypsy Kush can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

    Please ensure that Gypsy Kush is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered.

    Gypsy Kush is not for human consumption.

    Why Buy Gypsy Kush From Us?

  11. Psychedelics on the Dark Web says:

    Whether you are a budding Alan Watts apprentice in the art of Zen Buddhism dissecting what it means to be alive or a Timothy Leary student sent into the future from a not so distant past set to question authority and find your inner potential and say a big fuck you to the government while meditating and tripping balls at the same time, the dark web has you covered when it comes to psychedelic drugs.

    However, this has not always been the case. If you weren’t involved in the scenes of the swinging sixties with connections deep into the underground cultures that made the counter culture movements of the sixties possible or you didn’t have the networks into the naughty nineties and without our good friend the internet (which was most people due to the scarcity of the internet before the boom in the nineties) and dark net markets yet to make waves, you were bound to restricted possibilities. Now, thankfully for those who enjoy breaking through into infinite realms of consciousness and for those that like to throw themselves down the rabbit hole, those once exclusive and restricted possibilities are now morphing into something that symbolizes something entirely different; unrestricted VIP access to those realms of wonder, awe and inspiration that our fellow psychonauts and psychedelic connoisseurs love to flirt with, and all this is thanks to the dark web of-course.

    Did you know? – Part One

    According to research performed by TrendMicro in the midst of 2015 composed of what buyers and vendors bought and sold on dark net markets; LSD was joint fourth (for most popular product bought and most sold product on dark net markets) out of ten chosen categories which contained other drugs like MDMA and cannabis.

    In another research project over 30% of dark net purchases were Bitcoin payments for LSD and at 13.5% belonged to 2-CB the psychedelic compound first synthesized by Sasha Shulgin followed by magic mushrooms, ketamine and DMT which all take their place in an orderly fashion seemingly one after another gently sliding down the scale of prevalence and popularity.

    A World before the Dark Web

    As droughts in drug availability throughout the world have come and gone, fading in and out with dire consequences for the communities seeking out altered states (lack of drugs thanks to seizures and dealer/supplier/manufacturer arrests), psychedelics in particular have been at the pinnacle of this rocky road with the slight psychedelic recessions of the 1970s and 80s and the subsequent slump of availability for psychedelics in the nineties and after 2000. Over the past 50 years since LSD was made illegal, its demise has been imminent.

    For quite a while and before dark net markets were none existent and Tor was not available publicly, people lay in fear and caution trading these exotic powerful substances without the extensive community networks and anonymity available today. The idea of being able to sell and buy psychedelics in such a way we can today was thought to be impossible and getting caught doing such things led to sure conviction and plenty of time behind bars.

    LSD remains one of the most dangerous drugs to handle and distribute – the penalties can be extreme to say the least. And whilst those who were fortunate enough to know someone who was involved in scenes, cliques or communities where psychedelics were rampant and pure, others were bound to getting the leftovers of batches long since enjoyed by the first in the chain of command and for those poor souls; purity and quantity were a diamond dozen. The best your average Joe could do is ask their local weed dealer for assistance, hoping that their weed dealer knew someone who knew someone and so on and so forth.

    After all, psychedelics like LSD aren’t drugs that your average dealer buys and sells because of the social stigma and fears of prosecution. Back in the day, you’d have needed to know people immediately linked up to psychedelic suppliers. These suppliers would usually form the basis of cliques and scenes bound by cultural similarities and musical tastes, they say if you want to find drugs in the Summer go to a festival and whoever says it isn’t far wrong as this is where all the acid could be found!

    However, once the festival is over the troubles of finding those people become more prominent than ever and if your connect didn’t know anyone then you were sure to be out of luck. Better wait for the next Burning Man!

    The US Government fucked up, big time

    In the year 1966 after much praise and consideration for medical use, LSD became illegal in the US. Before then, credibly public figures like doctors could legally obtain investigative drugs with no higher authority to question them, which is how the psychedelic scene came about in the sixties. All this came to an end as the US government threw down the gauntlet stating the new drug amendments followed by the Grunsky Bill, claiming that LSD had no medical purpose and their reasoning was its rampant misuse and unparalleled flooding into the public domain. This isn’t where the story ends, in fact the story twists and turns and it’s wise to note that this wasn’t just the primary reason behind the US government’s decision to ban LSD. In 1962, a new drug was released for investigative research in the US population by qualified highly trained physicians; thalidomide. LSD was still widely used in select communities like psychologists and psychiatrists and during this time thalidomide was theorised to be a ‘wonder drug’ for those suffering with headaches, coughs and insomnia.

    Adding to this list of potential remedies for common problems, thalidomide was given to women with morning sickness. What was to follow would become one of the biggest failings in pharmacological research the world has ever seen with over 10,000 incidents reported whereby pregnant women gave both to deformed babies. This situation prompted immediate restructuring of the US’s IND (investigational new drug) regulations and what followed would become the beginning of the end for thalidomide and following suit was LSD after the FDA scrutinized it’s uses, both which shortly after became greatly restricted for use in medicine. This set the scene for the future of LSD production by way of clandestine manufacture and through tightly knit organisations which supplied the entirety of the US from the restriction of medical research and then onwards after the prohibition.

    You’d think that new legislation and law prohibiting LSD use would throw a spanner into the works and create carnage in the communities that used LSD, maybe so but outside in the streets, LSD supply and demand was on the increase. San Francisco and California became the central hub to which all LSD was manufactured and supplied from in the 1960’s and 70’s most of which was controlled by singular organisations who could import ergotamine tartrate in huge amounts from Mexican laboratories. Imports occurred frequently with such countries in Europe like the United Kingdom taking in large batches of LSD considered at the time to be on another level compared to the best of what the British could offer in LSD production.

    Did you know? – Part Two

    As of 2014 in the US specifically, at least 16% of all adults aged 26 or over have tried hallucinogenic drugs and 15% of all children aged 12 or over. Of all the people surveyed, nearly 11% of all adults accounted for taking LSD. It’s fair to say that the criminalization of psychedelic drugs especially LSD hasn’t done much to dampen the spirits and intentions of the US general population and the same applies to other countries also.

    Did you know? – Part Three

    Can you imagine 40kg of LSD? Your average blotter contains on average 100-200ug.

    To put this into perspective, 40kg of LSD is 40 billion micrograms! This is the amount of LSD seized by the DEA in one of the biggest LSD manufacturing busts the world has ever seen and for those who are in tune with the swirling vibrations of the psychedelic scene, you will know the guy behind the story. William Leonard Pickard is the most well-known underground LSD manufacturer in the world along with his partner in crime who both gained huge notoriety in the psychedelic scene for their expert chemistry skills and their hugely successful distribution networks from which they produced and sent LSD through which cemented the availability of acid in America from the late seventies until his arrest in 2000 and the subsequent arrests of both William and his partner reportedly caused the biggest decline of LSD availability worldwide, so if you were about in the nineties and early 2000’s when the biggest drought in acid was recorded – now you know why. He is now serving two life sentences and his partner a similar punishment.

    The New Face of the Psychedelic Scene

    Today the dark web is the biggest facilitator of a very old mission that originally set out to put psychedelics on the world map; an international collaboration between those with the power to provide these delicate complex compounds, and those with the power to access these chemicals through their social networks. Although the mission of spreading mind expanding and mind altering substances that no other drugs can be compared to has remained the same since the revolution of the sixties; the tact of the mission has changed.
    Today, things are a little different. Here’s why; the internet.

    The internet has performed miracles when it comes to globalization of our social lives, the world sits back and its citizens of all cultures, colors and ethnicities posts updates to Facebook and regularly sends out new tweets about a new pair of shoes, what’s new on TV, the new-born baby and how much of a jerk the boss really is. Although this seems trivial in some senses, this very concept of global relaying and publicity of communications has helped blow up all angles and access points to the internet, including dark net markets and that includes psychedelics too. Online communities which provide 24/7 drug harm reduction advice and also a place for likeminded people to share their experiences, concerns and trip reports (bluelight, drug-forums, erowid, dmt-nexus etc.), conventions, conferences and seminars which educate about the benefits both scientifically and spiritually about psychedelics in various formats and contexts (MAPS, Psychedemia, Horizons etc.) festivals (Burning Man, Shankra, Psychedelic Circus, Samsara etc.) libraries and resources (erowid, blueright archives etc.) all available at the touch of the button and all possible thanks to the various social media outlets commonly used by millions all over the world. And this is where dark net markets come in and a little history too just for good measure.

    The first notable marketplace to sell psychedelics was Silk Road 1. Following the beliefs and values of Ross Ulbricht, SR1 set out on a voyage to supply the world with products that would stand the test of time and control measures of modern day laws and regulations – and from that point onwards, a niche in the market appeared. Enter, psychedelics and enter, LSD Avengers.

    LSD was known at this time during SR1’s upbringing to be anything but LSD. And here begins the story of LSD Avengers, a group spawned as a front line defence created to curb the dangers of buying a product that was not what was advertised (usually sold as LSD but later found to be something else such as research chemicals like NBOMe) and to educate those with less access to harm reduction materials, testing facilities and general knowledge of the risks and realities around other chemicals being sold as LSD.

    This new group who shrouded themselves in secrecy and mystique were the guardians of Silk Road helping to protect customers from buying LSD that could harm them or cause them to freak out from adverse reactions to drugs other than the substance advertised like research chemicals. Before the gallant LSD Avengers came out of the woodwork, the LSD market was saturated with research chemicals being sold as LSD or LSD that was completely fake but this was all to change thanks to the surge in popularity and demand for the Avengers.

    This new change prompted reform in the dark net market community whereby trust and patronage could be formed and along the way new roots for improvement and quality could follow. What followed was a surge in the quality and quantity of genuine psychedelics. The LSD Avengers helped to mould this philosophy into the hearts, minds and souls of all vendors and customers of the present day. In their time testing LSD, they tested 60 vendors and these vendors were marked into specific categories based on the results the group would get back from scientific testing and trip reports. Some of the original cast marked as ‘Star’ vendors are still around on dark net markets today!

    How the Dark Web is powering a new psychedelic movement

    Today in 2016 you can buy psychedelics with the touch of a few mouse buttons and the tip tap of a few keyboard strokes. This pisses off the government because they have no control over who buys psychedelics and where they are headed too. These powerful tools have never been so more available than they are today and research has shown that the quality and purity of psychedelics has grown over the past few years, this in part has to do with the surge in dark net market purchases. This new underground movement provides a treat for any avid fan of psychedelics and here is what powers the engines of this new underground psychedelic movement:

    The faithful system of community driven feedback allows for vendors to be rewarded for their high quality genuine products.

    The risks are reduced when buying psychedelics like LSD off the dark web, today he can purchase with anonymity and additional security from the dark web and this applies to his customers too.

    ChoiceYou can get pretty much anything you want or would ever need from dark net marketplaces and this includes some of the most obscure rarities amongst psychedelic drugs. Some that you may not be able to get on the street like DOB or DOM for example.
    Thanks to MBB’s and other stealth shipping methods, psychedelics can now be shared across different regions of the world with little to no chance of detection making the new world of purchasing psychedelics truly a global movement and a global logistics success.

    You are always told that the past defines the present and when it comes to dark net markets, the past has helped to forge the present. Thanks to the desire for equality and trust laid down by the pioneers of our dark net landscape, today drugs especially psychedelics are purer and more available than ever before and it’s this mind-set created by exceptional members of the dark net community that today continuously encourages new and old vendors to supply psychedelics that are high grade and highly respected.

    Culture DissolutionPsychedelics were once drugs you could acquire if you were part of particular scenes, something that came with exclusivity and secrecy and today that boundary has well and truly been crossed allowing different cultural and social backgrounds to fall on through the rabbit hole.
    The Conclusion

    The winds of change of the last 10 years have swept the psychedelic scene off its feet from the old foundations of a bygone era and blown us all into the abyss where after subtle changes and historic events that have taken place, psychedelics have been more accessible than ever before. Moulding in place a more dynamic open space into modern society ready for the falling of a new movement; the modern psychedelic movement. It might not follow a particular branding or preach a particular narrative unlike those come and gone in the past but what this new movement has incorporated is the secrecy and anonymity required to enable all those with a taste for the divine, the great, the God and for all spiritual healing and ego loss and transcendence of time and space to gather in synchronicity and agreement where one can purchase and can provide the necessary tools required for breaking open the mind in an environment that caters for all the needs of a modern society entrenched in surveillance, corruption, power and greed. Although the risks are plenty when considering the history of dangerous chemicals being sold as LSD and the chemistry procedures entrusted on people we don’t know and will never meet hoping that our products arrive exactly as we expect we can also reap the benefits and advantages of having these drugs available to us in a manner that hasn’t ever been available until now.

  12. Buying Psychedelics off the Dark Net says:

    Anyone who is considering buying psychedelics from the dark net or those already buying them from their chosen marketplace should always remember that there are ALWAYS risks involved. The biggest risks involved is knowing what the active ingredients of the psychedelic you have purchased are especially if you are intending to buy or have already bought LSD as LSD is often sold as LSD when it is in fact another chemical such as research chemicals. Research chemicals are not drugs which have much if any scientific research behind them and no medicinal benefits in humans (as of yet anyway). It’s worth noting that many drugs now in mainstream society started out as research chemicals and now have profound uses in medicine and therapeutic settings but until those committed research projects have begun and come to an end with a result the public can rely on research chemicals are potentially dangerous drugs which can seriously injure if not kill you and your friends. This isn’t a plot to scare you, far from it. Instead, this is a message to convey to you intended to inform you and allow you to make a more reliable and safer decision as to what drugs you buy and consume considering the risks involved (and yes, there are risks).

  13. The darknet says:

    You may have heard of the ‘Darknet’ or ‘Dark Web’ already; the shadowy place where hackers sell Uber accounts and people buy child porn. The first definitely exists, the second is well hidden, and it’s overall just a giant database of websites that aren’t trackable or traceable by normal means. But there is accountability, which means that when you’re buying drugs from one of the dark marketplaces, people will leave reviews and ratings, very much like eBay. So when buying LSD here, it’s highly likely that it will live up to its reviews.

  14. Find the right marketplace says:

    As I mentioned already, what you can buy on the dark web tends to be illegal. Sure, people will sometimes sell handmade soaps and cookies, but generally we’re talking guns, drugs, and forgeries. Which is why a number of websites get taken down pretty regularly, so what I recommend today might not be available in a year.

    A good place to start your search is with Grams, a Google-style engine for .onion websites. The URL for Grams is: … (again, this won’t work in your normal browser, so you’ll need to copy and paste this URL into Tor).

    I’d suggest searching Grams for ‘acid’ (as LSD is sometimes too short a phrase to search for). You’ll get a large number of results with links to different storefronts. Now, I need to explain dark marketplaces a bit more. They range from open – anybody with the URL can use them – to closed, which is where you need a personal referral code. Most will make you create an account, and you register with a made up username and password. Make sure to remember them, there’s no forget password email box here!

    DeepDotWeb aggregates marketplace data and warns you about which are doing well, and which have become shady.

  15. VisionQuest Organics Dream Herb Tea says:

    Aren’t Mondays the worst? Aren’t Tuesdays the worst? Aren’t most days the worst? If you’re tired of the everyday grind, you should have yourself an “out of the body experience”—their words, not ours—and get into the Calea ternifolia scene.

    Be wary of this stuff though, some of the side effects include hallucinations, nausea, and vomiting.

  16. Thai Herbal Snuff says:

    When was the last time a fine powder contained in a glass vessel covered in a mysterious Asian language led to good times? Actually, that’s a pretty solid recipe for a night you’ll never remember and/or forget. According to the user comments, this particular brand of snuff causes relaxation and euphoria—so you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

  17. Nitrous Oxide says:

    Like most drugs, this is just a normal item that can be taken in an abnormal way. Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as whippets, gets you absolutely rekt when inhaled. Most users report a “womp womp womp” feeling in the head, as if Skrillex is dropping beats on your brain stem. Of course, these little guys aren’t illegal when bought in bulk

  18. Best legal psychedelics says:

    I’m too pussy to buy off the darknet, so what are your guys favorite legal psychedelics that you can buy off the clear net? Right now I’m looking at 4-aco-dmt but I wanna hear some others peoples experiences.


    The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers that is native to India. It is believed that the active compound in it is LSA, a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid which is a precursor to LSD.

    When compared to LSD, and despite having a similar chemical structure, the psychedelic experience of LSA is different. It is normally milder than the effects of LSD, and generally, gives a more clear-headed and more-focused high.

    While the extraction and possession of LSA is prohibited in most countries, the Hawaiian baby woodrose by itself is not.


    Mimosa hostilis, commonly know as Jurema, is a perennial tree that is native to Brazil, but which can be found as far north as southern Mexico. The leaves, the bark and the roots of the tree contain the psychoactive ingredient DMT, although, as is the case with some plants that are used to make Ayahuasca, an additional MAO inhibitor is required for the DMT to become active.

    The effect of Mimosa hostilis is very similar to that of Ayahuasca, but the plant isn’t traditionally used for making the brew. The psychedelic brews that are made with Mimosa hostilis are called Ayahuasca analogues or “anahuasca”.

    In most countries, Mimosa hostilis isn’t on the list of controlled plants, which means that it is legal – although, the DMT that can be extracted from it makes the legal status of it sometimes ambiguous.


    The most widely-known of the many sacred mescaline cacti is Peyote (Lophophora williamsii), although there are other varieties such as the San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi ) or the Bolivian Torch (Echinopsis lageniformis).

    In most countries of the world, mescaline is a controlled substance and therefore illegal. The cacti which contain the mescaline, however, are not.

    In Middle America, in Mexico and also in Southwestern Texas, the Peyote cactus has a vast history of being used for sacred ceremonies and shamanic rituals, with the psychedelic effect of the cactus known for many thousands of years. Although consuming mescaline is illegal in the US and other countries, the members of the Native American Church whose religion involves the sacramental use of peyote are exempt from the ban.

  22. YOPO says:

    Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) is a perennial tree that is native to South America and the Caribbean. The tree can grow as tall as 20m, with a horny bark and with spherical, pale yellow to white flowers.

    The beans of the Yopo tree contain DMT and the alkaloid bufotenin. While the DMT in the Yopo beans is not orally active, it still makes for a mild psychoactive effect.

    Yopo is traditionally consumed in the form as a snuff, but consuming it this way will cause an unyielding pain in the nostrils. Because of the pain when consuming yopo, it is usually consumed together with others who use a pipe to blow the snuff into each other’s noses.

    Both active compounds in Yopo, the DMT and the bufotenin, are considered controlled substances with their extraction and possession being prohibited. The Yopo plant itself, however, is legal in most countries.

  23. MORNING GLORY says:

    The name morning glory is used to designate more than 1000 species of the Convolvulaceae family, which are flowers that grow in many countries of the world. Some species of morning glory have been used for recreational or medicinal purposes since ancient times, such as Turbina corymbosa and Ipomoea tricolor. These are also known under several other names like Heavenly Blue, Pearly Gates or Flying Saucer. Evidence suggests that morning glory was used in Ancient Egypt, where it found use as a powerful aphrodisiac.

    It is believed that the main active ingredient in morning glory is LSA, which is chemically similar to, and a precursor of, LSD – although with a milder effect. It is not illegal to possess morning glory plants, and many grow them for ornamental purposes. It is, however, illegal to extract or possess the LSA which is considered a controlled substance in most countries.

  24. SALVIA says:

    Salvia divinorum or Salvia for short, is sometimes called Sage of the Diviners or Seer’s Sage. It is considered one of the strongest naturally occurring psychedelics. The plant is a native to the humid cloud forests of Mexico. Priests and shamans used Salvia for many hundreds of years in sacred rituals to induce visions and spiritual experiences. Salvia is usually smoked or prepared as a tea.

    The active compound in Salvia is salvinorin with the leaves of the Salvia divinorum plant containing the highest concentration of it. The Salvia divinorum plant is illegal in some countries, including most of the United States, but legal in others. Currently, it is legal in France, Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

  25. NUTMEG says:

    Although nutmeg is available pretty much everywhere as a spice, it is surprisingly potent when consumed for its psychedelic effects. Only three teaspoons of nutmeg are needed to induce a psychoactive effect that can last up to 30 hours. The active compound in nutmeg responsible for the effect is Myristicin, which is a traditional precursor for MMDA. Besides Myristicin, nutmeg is believed to contain other psychoactive compounds as well.

    Taken in low doses, nutmeg produces no noticeable physiological or neurological response. When ingested in larger doses to get a psychedelic effect, it can take up to 8 hours before the effects are felt, but the effects can then last for a long time, up to several days according to some users. Not, many say it is not a pleasant experience at all.


    The Colorado River Toad (Bufo alvarius), also known as Sonoran Desert Toad, is a toad that secrets a poison with psychoactive properties. The glands of the toad excrete the poison that contains bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT which may be smoked. Contrary to popular belief, the toad is not licked but “milked” since ingestion of the substance is poisonous.

    Some consider the toad sacred and use the poison from it for spiritual ceremonies, most famously the members of the “Church of the Toad of Light”. The toad is a native of Arizona, New Mexico, and California and can also be found in some parts of Mexico. Although the extraction and possession of DMT and bufotenin is prohibited, using the toad for its psychedelic effects happens so rarely and is considered as so obscure that not many cases of prosecution are known.

  27. MAGIC TRUFFLES says:

    Magic Truffles are the underground growths (sclerotia) of certain magic mushroom species. They look and taste different from magic mushrooms but have similar psychedelic effects. Magic truffles can make for a psychedelic experience that can range from unusual ideas and new insights to visions and deep spiritual understanding and breakthroughs.

    As is the case with other magic mushrooms, the active compound in magic truffles is the psychoactive substance psilocybin. The amount of psilocybin and then the strength of the effect can vary depending on the type of magic truffles consumed and the dosage. Magic truffles are considered illegal in most countries, but can be bought legally in the Netherlands.


    Psychedelic drugs are substances “causing effects on the mind, such as feelings of deep understanding or unusually strong experiences of colour, sound, taste, and touch” – as defined by the Cambridge dictionary.

    The word psychedelic stems from ancient Greek, as a combination of psychē (soul, mind) and dēloun (to make visible, to reveal). Together, they are most often translated as mind-revealing.

    This name refers to the deep understanding, the increased sense of consciousness caused by such substances. It is a widespread belief that psychedelic substances enable the user to discover more about their mind, seeing it figuratively and, in a way, quite literally.

    Psychedelic, when applied to art, clothing or similar items, also means resembling the experience caused by psychedelic substances. This includes both bright colours and curious patterns.

    There are many substances that have a psychedelic effect on the user. The most well-known are LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline and DMT. There are both synthetic and natural, as well as legal and illegal psychedelics. This guide introduces natural psychedelics that are legal in some countries or all over the world.

  29. Effects of psychedelics says:

    There are several different chemical compounds which cause psychedelic effects. Most of these act by influencing the serotonin levels of the users; either by releasing serotonin (empathogens) or by acting as an agonist to serotonin receptors (serotonergics).

    The effects caused by different psychedelic substances are basically similar, though there are marked differences in the strength of the various effects.

    The main reason for the consumption of psychedelic substances is the visual hallucination. Visual effects can range from geometric patterns to whole scenarios. The experience is characterised by bright colours and swirling forms, sometimes accompanied by auditory effects and synesthesia.

    Other cognitive effects of psychedelic drugs include euphoria and an altered state of consciousness. Conceptual thinking is enhanced, and users feel disassociated from themselves, sometimes to the point of “ego death”. This enables them to view their own thoughts and mind as an outsider would, hence the “mind-revealing” .

    Physical effects caused by psychedelic substances include pupil dilation and increased heart rate. The latter is connected to the stimulating effects of these substances, which makes users feel more energetic. Consumption of certain psychedelic drugs also causes nausea and vomiting, though this purging is often considered a positive effect.

  30. Trichocereus bridgesii says:

    Trichocereus bridgesii, also called achuma or Bolivian torch is one of several cacti with mescaline content. Others include the San Pedro cactus and peyote.

    Mescaline is a controlled substance in most countries.

    However, achuma is not illegal, though the legal status of cactus parts prepared for human consumption is unclear.

    Trichocereus bridgesii is mainly used for ornamental purposes. Like the San Pedro cactus, it may be consumed by itself or in the form of a tea.

    Click here to find out more about the dosage, legal status, effects, dangers and health benefits of achuma.

  31. San Pedro cactus says:

    The San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) is one of several cacti with mescaline content. Others include peyote and the Bolivian torch.

    Mescaline is a controlled substance in most countries, illegal to possess or to sell.
    The plant itself is not illegal, however, and it is often kept for ornamental, decorational purposes.

    The cactus may be consumed by simply chewing, pulverising it, or in the form of a tea. The taste of San Pedro cactus is reported to be rather unpleasant no matter the method, but the effects are worth it.

    Click here to find out more about the dosage, legal status, effects, dangers and health benefits of San Pedro cactus.

  32. Chaliponga says:

    Chaliponga (Diplopterys cabrerana) is one of the traditional ingredients used for preparing ayahuasca. It is used as a substitute for chacruna.

    The main active ingredient in chaliponga is DMT. DMT is not active orally by itself, only when taken in combination with a MAO inhibitor (except for very large DMT doses). The MAOI traditionally used with chaliponga is Banisteriopsis caapi, also called ayahuasca vine.

    Diplopterys cabrerana is not a controlled plant in most countries. However, extraction of its DMT content is generally illegal.

    Click here to find out more about the dosage, legal status, effects, dangers and health benefits of chaliponga.

  33. Natural psychedelics and tradition says:

    There are several synthetic and natural psychedelic substances. The latter are generally considered safer, with fewer negative side-effects. They are also legally available in several countries.

    Natural psychedelics have been used for spiritual, ritualistic purposes for several centuries. Psychedelic drugs used in a mystical context are often referred to as entheogens.

    Entheogens have traditionally been used by shamans of indigenous tribes to commune with spirits and discover maladies of both body and soul. Even today, there are certain religions such as the Native American Church that use psychedelic substances for such purposes. These organisations are often exempt from bans on substances otherwise illegal in the country.

  34. Legal Psychedelics says:

    The world of psychedelics is filled with so many life changing experiences and memorable moments that have shifted peoples minds, lives and, subsequently, entire world. From Steve Jobs being inspired by LSD to change the world of technology to thousands of people using psilocybin mushrooms to treat their depression and shift their entire outlook on life.
    They are and have been used by millions of people throughout the centuries and they have helped these people to have deep spiritual experiences which resulted in, for the most part, very positive changes in their lives as well as personalities.

    Unfortunately, even though psychedelics can be extremely helpful, most of them, in most places, due to certain reasons, political and sociological ones to name a few types of these reasons, are illegal. This creates a lawful and sociological barrier when it comes to using these substances. Coming across them because an issue, too. And so, to use these substances, you have to get them from the black market.

    And there’s a lot of problems with that. You’re risking your money, reputation and/or your freedom in case you get caught. You buying these substances from shady dealers who don’t really follow strict safety procedures to make sure that the product that they sell are safe. These drugs might have been made in some guys bathtub and contain plenty of adulterants, for all you know. Depending on the drug of course.

    So, legal status raises many issues for the illegal psychedelic drug consumption. But is there an alternative?

    Why yes there is, it’s called – legal psychedelics. Psychedelics that you can get legally, without any worries coming from the law enforcement, without any worries regarding the quality of the drug, with less worries from the societal point of view and so on.

    So, I’m going to list a few great legal alternatives of classic psychedelics, that are legal in most places. And that’s also important to note. I’m gonna talk about psychedelics that are currently as I am writing this article legal in most parts of the world. It doesn’t mean that they are legal everywhere or aren’t going to become illegal in the future. And because I’m about to talk mostly about analogs, these tend to become illegal faster than most new drugs that don’t resemble others.

  35. Drug users will get a pass on minor charges in Snohomish County says:

    Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe says there aren’t enough prosecutors to take on those cases. He says they are time-consuming and expensive and do little to stop drug use.

    “In 2017 our felony division, with no additional personnel, filed 700 more cases into Superior Court than in 2016. That resulted in caseloads far beyond what our trial deputies can handle effectively. Additionally, when we file more cases our county public defenders, because of the reasonable caseload standards adopted by the Supreme Court, get more attorneys. We do not. We just get further and further behind,” a statement from the prosecutor’s office reads.

    Instead, Snohomish County prosecutors will focus on burglaries, assaults, DUIs, as well as property crimes that drug users commit.

    The move comes just days after the King County prosecutor announced he was tossing 1,500 misdemeanor cases because of a shortage of prosecutors.

    Snohomish County Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Craig Matheson told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson the only way someone will be prosecuted for possession of a small amount of drugs is if it is attached to another crime of higher importance, such as burglary.

  36. Is this a form of legalization in Snohomish County? says:

    Dori asked if this is a form of heroin legalization.

    “No, I wouldn’t put it like that,” Matheson said. “We just do not have the resources to adequately process simple possessions and adequately prosecute crimes where there are identifiable victims [of more serious crime].”

    Matheson says Snohomish County officials will monitor crime in the area. If there is a clear spike in criminal activity affiliated to addiction after the policy change, they will re-evaluate the situation.

  37. 4-ACO-DMT says:

    4-AcO-DMT is a designer psychedelic with a similar molecular structure to psilocybin. Like psilocybin, 4-AcO-DMT is thought to be a prodrug of psilocin, and as such its psychedelic effects are nearly indistinguishable from those of psilocybin mushrooms.

    There is no known toxicity or addictive potential of 4-AcO-DMT

  38. Is Marijuana Legal in Thailand? says:

    No. But more than a few backpackers have fallen victim to a simple-but-effective scam while purchasing weed in Thailand.

    When a traveler asks in a bar to purchase marijuana, the bartender sells it to them openly, causing many people to think it’s no big deal.

    Then he immediately phones an associate who may or may not be a legitimate police officer. The cop then shakes down the traveler, busts them with the weed they just purchased, and demands an expensive bribe. The weed is confiscated and given back to the barman who shares in the bribe. The same product is later resold to the next unsuspecting traveler!


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    Are you looking for an online head shop bath salts? BuyreseachchemicalsUSA is the best place to buy research chemicals. Our company offers a wide range of research chemicals for sale. Our research chemicals shop is a reliable supplier of research chemicals USA. Order bath salts online in this store and you’ll get research chemicals of the highest quality.


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  42. WHAT IS 1P LSD says:

    1P LSD names are 1 propionyl lysergic acid diethyl amide or 1 propionyl lysergic acid diethylamide. The serious molecule combining propionyl group united with the polycyclic indole group nitrogen, making this organic synth drug not habit-forming. 1 propionyl, which is in 1P LSD powder, contains carbonyl chain as well as amino group.1P LSD chemical is in lysergamide group. 1P LSD,like research chemicals such as LSD and ALD-52,has become extremely popular on the market in recent past.


    1P LSD hasn’t been properly studied yet. There isn’t enough information about 1P LSD molecule, 1P LSD microdosing, 1P LSD storage and 1P LSD experience. On our website you can see 1P LSD review, which is mainly based on 1P LSD drug tests and 1P LSD reports from users, who have already had experience with this 1P drug. 1P LSD side effects could differ from case to case depending on 1P LSD dosage and they won’t be dangerous if you use microdosing 1P LSD. You can have various 1P LSD trip reports taking 1P LSD 50ug or 1P LSD 100 ug. You can find additional information on 1P LSD dosage, what to expect from 1 mg LSD analogue and how to take 1P LSD on 1P LSD Erowid. Look at Erowid 1P LSD trip reports to know how long does LSD take to kick in. 1P LSD tabs could induce different feelings compared with 1P LSD liquid. There is also a great chance to order 1P LSD free sample if provided in order to experience 1P LSD pellets on your own and to know what to expect from this 1P acid. 1P LSD research studies have to be conducted to know more about 1P LSD lysergi properties.

  44. 1P LSD EFFECTS says:

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  45. 1P LSD SAFETY says:

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