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4-CPRC – A Substituted Cathinone Stimulant!

4-cprc is classified as a potential substituted cathinone stimulant. This is also classed among the many amphetamines. This shares the same effects, so far. But, this has not yet been completely and extensively studied...


4-CEC – Introduced as an Established Chemical

Have you ever tried using 4-CEC? If you will try it in just a five-milligram sample, you will find it be really a good chemical. However, this is not suggested taking at a high...

Buy Cathinones Now! 28

Buy Cathinones Now!

Cathinones are chemical substances that naturally occur as a stimulant drug in the plant called as Khat. Actually, they belong to the family of other related chemicals such as mephedrone. Cathinones are a cousin...