The Important Details about 4-CEC Research Chemical You Need To Know

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  1. 4-chloroethcathinone says:

    I found ethcathinone and 4-methylethcathinone to be junk. Extremely anxiety inducing and serotonergic, no euphoria and no good stimulation. Not “rolly” either. I would assume a 4-position halogenated ethcathinone would be vaguely similar. But that’s just my experience in the area. There are a good amount of people who love 4-MEC, although I’ve heard a lot of vendors pawned off their stacks of 4mmc/etc as 4MEC to get rid of it when the bans hit.

    4-MMC was a fluke, a one of a kind ghost in the system and we got lucky. 4-EMC was decent and probably the closest thing to 4-MMC I have had if that’s what you’re going for here; but by no means would I use it and abuse it like I did with Mephedrone. Even the late game 4-MMC from India was not as fun for me as the pre-ban stuff from china, I won’t bother guessing as to why though.

    I have not read up on potential toxicity of para-halogenated cathinones, but I know that with the exception of flourine, there is real potential for some neurotoxicity with the para-halogenated amphetamines.

    Considering that 4CEC will be less than mediocre at best, I would recommend finding a more established chemical to mess with.

  2. 4F-PV8 DRUG says:

    The list of recreational drugs include a number of new legal synthetic drugs, which could be a good replacement of well-known prohibited and scheduled substances. One of the newest research chemicals analogous to a-PVP by the drug pharmacology is 4F-PV8. It is synthesized in the modern research chemical labs and could be purchased from reliable research chemical vendors 2016.

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  4. 4F-PV8 EFFECTS says:

    If your research or test requires a research chemical with immense potential, you can try 4F-PV8 for sale. This designer drug is usually insufflated. It starts to act after 3-5 minutes depending on 4F-PV8 dosage. Be careful as customers admitted in their 4F-PV8 trip reports the desire to redose it. 4F-PV8 by its activity and 4F-PV8 reminds well-known MDMA, Cocaine and MDPV. 4F-PV8 effects include a powerful euphoria. This substance is incredibly stimulating and empathogenic.

  5. 4F-PV8 FOR SALE ONLINE says:

    Looking for 4F-PV8 bath salts it’s recommended to select dependable drug 4F-PV8 for sale suppliers. When you buy 4F-PV8 UK, USA, Canada, the success of your research depends on the quality of substance. You can conduct 4F-PV8 drug test with 4F-PV8 sample if you use it for the first time

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    If you need research chemicals order 4F-PV9 crystals here. Our company offers 4F-PV9 bath salts for the most affordable price in our 4F-PV9 shop. We represent a trustworthy 4F-PV9 China vendor, who follows all necessary rules manufacturing research chems. 4F-PV9 drug will be a perfect choice if you want to find something similar to a-PVP. Our store is the best place to buy 4F-PV9.Among numerous drug 4F-PV9 for sale suppliers in USA we take care of the quality of each substance. That’s why we delivery designer drugs of the highest purity.

  7. 4F-PV9 VENDOR says:

    We provide an opportunity to buy research chemicals online Europe and select chemical research UK from top chemical research companies. We supply only legal drugs in US. In order to know whether chosen substance is considered legal euphoric stimulants or legal recreational drugs you can look at control substance list.


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  9. 5-PPDI BUY says:

    5-ppdi bath salts is a brand-new designer drugs. 5-ppdi drug is similar by its biochemical activity and effects to a-PBP as well as a-PVP. It’s methylone analogue. Drug 5-ppdi for sale suppliers offer customers to buy 5-ppdi UK, USA, Canada. On the website you can purchase 5-ppdi crystals for sale.

  10. BUY 5-PPDI says:

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  11. 5-PPDI CHINA VENDOR says:

    Bath salts drug effects on brain made it possible to use them in various researches in order to achieve bath salts high experience. Our 5-ppdi China vendor provides an opportunity to order legal research chemicals Canada and USA. We supply rc opioids, opioid research chemicals 2015, opiate research chemicals 2015 from China being US based research chemical vendor. In the list of synthetic cannabinoids you can choose legal chemicals to avoid ordering substances from controlled drug schedules. Our psychoactive drugs list is always updated, so that it’s possible to order the newest research powders UK and USA from our research chemical store. List legal research chemicals USA will be helpful to know what is a controlled substance and what is schedule i controlled substance.

  12. 5-PPDI says:

    Research chemical companies offer a wide range of new substances analogous to a-PBP and a-PVP. 5-ppdi research chemical sales start to increase and rc chemicals com review can help you to make a final choice concerning the dosage you need. There is a little history about 5-ppdi human use and it is necessary to pay a special attention if you choose to ingest 5-ppdi for sale online.


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    Dimethylphenidate drug is a new stimulant with psychedelic effects. By its biochemical activity, pharmacology and effects it is similar to methylphenidate as well as ethylphenidate. Our company offers research chemicals for sale UK, USA and worldwide. Remember that it is worth to conduct Dimethylphenidate bath salts drug test if you use this bath salts for sale for the first time. If you buy chemicals online, choose a dependable vendor. We offer only best research chems, among which there is a great variety of latest research chemicals, which are not included into controlled substances schedule.


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    Dimethylphenidate drug excites the nervous system of a person and alters the perception. In such way it leads to a wide range of psychedelic effects, the most popular from which are euphoria and stimulation. It’s possible to experience visual and tactile side effects. Dimethylphenidate is a new research chemical and there is little known about its effects and experience.


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  20. F-PV9 says:

    If you are looking for the best place to buy F-PV9, our F-PV9 Сhina vendor offers to buy F-PV9 UK, USA, Сanada and other countries. On the page you can read where to buy F-PV9, how to conduct F-PV9 drug test, whether it is possible to buy F-PV9 online samples, what is F-PV9 and its analogues, F-PV9 effects according to F-PV9 dosage, is F-PV9 legal in US and other locations, F-PV9 experience and bad trip reports, positive and negative F-PV9 side effects.

  21. F-PV9 DRUG says:

    Choose only best research chemical benzo for your research. The list of research chemicals offered for sale contains new legal drugs including legal hallucinogens UK and USA. We offer pure research chemicals for the best price on the market. To avoid purchasing bath salts illegal in your country we recommend to be informed with research chemical ban UK, schedule 1 controlled substance in USA, schedule 2 substance, schedule 3 drugs, schedule 4 narcotics and other class of drugs 1 5.


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    If you main goal is to choose a reputable F-PV9 vendor, who provides designer drugs not of questionable quality, you’re in the right place. Only in this way you can be assured in the purity of F-PV9 and avoid undesirable results, which could come from unknown research chemical ingredients in case the product is not pure enough. We provide the best research chemicals 2015 and it’s possible to buy research chemicals UK Review from previous customers and the list of schedule 1 and 2 drugs in UK Canada China Europe could be your helpful sources.

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