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  1. 3-Chloroethcathinone(3-CEC) says:

    I have tried it now, it’s not very potent, slight buzz and general feeling of well-being. No real euphoria or speediness. Burns for a long time after snorting it, also clogs up the nostrils very efficiently.

    Music sounds super good on it , but that’s about it, I give it an 3,5/5 where meph is 5/5 because of the music appreciation. Also I find it to be more pleasant on the afterglow.

    Edit: it lasts for about 2 hours and I dosed 120mg on my first dose, barely anything happened, so I waited 4 hours and upped the dose to 200mg and it was a much more pleasant buzz with that dose, I’ve redosed 3 times with 150mg and the high is still the same as when I initially dosed.


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  4. WHAT IS 4-CPRC says:

    Appearing as a new research chemical on the market, 4-CPRC was included into the drugs of cathinone class. 4-CPRC is similar to amphetamines. Its effects could be compared to Methcathinone. 4-CPRC releases dopamine and acts directly on nervous system.


    In our 4-CPRC shop you can purchase 4-CPRC crystals. There is no proper information about 4-CPRC trip reports and 4-CPRC reviews and this research chemical requires further studies.

  6. 4-CPRC DOSAGE says:

    In order to achieve desirable 4-CPRC experience it is necessary to choose 4-CPRC dose correctly. When the dosage is accurate, you’ll reach mild euphoria, which will last for a few hours.

  7. 4-CPRC DRUG says:

    4-CPRC drug is a substituted form of popular research chemical a-PVP. It acts like a serotonin releaser and 4-CPRC experience include euphoric feelings and stimulation. To observe how it acts as NDRI you can conduct 4-CPRC drug test using 4-CPRC sample.

  8. 4-CPRC FOR SALE says:

    4-CPRC for sale is not intended for human consumption. It should be used in laboratory conditions by experienced laboratory workers and researchers. Use 4-CPRC for forensic purposes only.

  9. BUY 4-CPRC ONLINE says:

    4-CPRC online is available as a perfect analogue for scheduled designer drugs like a-PVP. Because of the fact that a-PVP is illegal in most countries, Chinese manufacturers synthesize products, which act similarly and have analogous biochemical activity and pharmacological properties.

  10. 4-CPRC CHINA VENDOR says:

    According to controlled substance laws, most of amphetamines are included into the list of scheduled drugs. More information you can get on rcchemicals and rc net chemicals. Instead of them researchers could use substances from legal synthetic drugs list. We describe what are research chemicals USA legit and provide 4-CPRC research chemicals for sale online as well as many other synthetic bath salts. If you want to buy top-quality US research chemicals, contact our 4-CPRC China vendor. It’s a perfect place where can I get bath salts as we take care of research chemical supply and can guarantee the quality of products.

  11. 4-CPRC BUY says:

    Unlike many other drug 4-CPRC for sale suppliers, our company informs customers with all available information about 4-CPRC, namely:
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  12. 4-EEC says:

    Use this website to order 4-EEC crystals. In recent past 4-EEC bath salts are on a great demand from 4-EEC China vendor. Choosing drug 4-EEC for sale suppliers is the best way to select where to buy 4-EEC. Find out what is 4-EEC, 4-EEC effects, 4-EEC dosage, 4-EEC experience, is 4-EEC legal in the country of your residence.


    Research chemicals market changes with each day. And it could be challenging to follow all these implementations. Many substances are banned and considered scheduled in US and other countries. But there is always possible to find replacements for popular research chemicals in order to achieve desirable results in tests and researches. We offer to buy 4-EEC crystals online and experience all benefits from using this new research chemical.

  14. 4-EEC SHOP says:

    Our 4-EEC shop is able to help you in figuring out which legal powder will be suitable for your research. Our store includes opioid research chemicals, popular stimulants, hallucinogens for sale, analogues of prohibited substances. If you want to buy substitute cathinones, 4-EEC for sale will be a perfect choice.

  15. 4-EEC DRUG says:

    4-EEC drug is a research chemical with psychoactive effect. This substance is commonly used among researchers and laboratory workers for forensic purposes. 4-EEC abuse is possible when you do not follow 4-EEC dosage. It is little know about 4-EEC pharmacology and toxicology. 4-EEC research chem requires further studies.


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    4MPD is delivered directly from China, where experienced manufacturers produce 4 MPD chemical of the highest purity. Have a great experience and best feeling with bath salts choosing MPD 4. This drug is quite similar in its biochemical activity and side effects to 4 Methylbuphedrone and 4 Methylpentedrone.

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  17. 4 MPD says:

    I bought 4-MPD from this supplier and I think it’s true that they work only with dependable manufacturers. I paid a special attention to the quality as I have already had a negative experience. I mentioned similarities with pentedrone. But the dosage must be increased if you need to achieve similar effects. Comparing it with MDPV or even a-PVP this one was much better as for me. You won’t experience such crazy trips and side effects like after taking “PV-style” chemicals.

  18. 4-MPH ONLINE says:

    Welcome to the best research chemical website. You can choose bath salts drug category to find necessary substance. Here customers are able to buy research chemicals from China. We take care to have available the most popular bath salts 2016 as well as offer to buy research chemicals USA 2015. We describe in details how to buy research chemicals like 4-MPH. Among various substances you can find top-quality 4-MPH for sale in the list of psychoactive drugs

  19. 4-MPH FOR SALE ONLINE says:

    Use the website to be informed with:
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  20. 4-MPH CHINA VENDOR says:

    Cooperate only with reputable research chemical vendors who can supply researchchemicals4u of the finest purity. We don’t deliver scheduled drugs (scheduled drugs 1 5 in the USA and other prohibited synthetic opioids research chemicals in the country of your residence). Our 4-MPH China vendor works directly with research chemical labs in China, which allows to offer customer affordable prices for such top-quality products.


    Our research chemical vendor is pleased to offer 4-MPH for sale for the whole scientific community. Make sure that 4-MPH is not intended for human use. Our online store is a perfect place where to buy research chemicals in the form of crystals and pellets. Such stimulant as 4-MPH allows to have long-lasting stimulation and euphoria.The substance is included into the class of substituted phenethylamines andpiperidines.

  22. 4-MPH DRUG says:

    4-MPD drug is analogous by its biochemical activity and pharmacology to methylphenidate. However, 4-MPH is more potent and the feeling of euphoria is stronger

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