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3cmc – Introduced as a Novel Research Chemical!

3cmc is basically introduced and classified as a novel research chemical. This is also sometimes called as Chlorinedrone or Chloredrone. This is also more importantly known as a 3-chlor derivative of the 3-mmc. There...


Penthedrone Legal Research Chemical

In the family of cathinone stimulant the penthedrone is one of the best selling legal research chemicals. This chemical is also called α-methylamino-valerophenone and over the years, it has always been sold as designer...


The 3mec Research Chemical You Need To Buy Here

Majority of people know 3mec (3-metehylmethcathinone) with different names. Some usually call it 3-MMC and even 3-Mephedrone. This is sold only as a designer drug alternative to cathinone class. It is known to have...